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What is special about our approach?

Customers from outreach to senior outplacement constantly comment on their unstoppable feeling which develops into positive results!
Responding to that feedback we offer a unique blend of facilitation, training, mentoring and networking to support individuals, organisations and the wider community.  


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What does Mentoring do?




Provides a confidential and impartial sounding board

So you are never alone in your thought process.



Time to reflect and focus

Mentoring allows you time to reflect and focus on what is important to you.



Achieve results

It puts you in the driving seat to achieve results, even when you have been pondering on issues for a long time! ipsum dolor sit amet




New ideas and opportunities 

Mentoring stretches your support network to generate new ideas and opportunities



Enhances development

Mentoring allows you to refresh your Continued Professional Development. 


Might this be for you?  

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Three Key Support Offers


Individual Mentoring Courses Hertfordshire

The Individual 


 1:1 Mentoring Support for your Professional Development, Career Progression

  • e.g. Interview Practice and Presentation Skills working in partnership with
  • Graham Le Gall




Clare Concannen Receives NTA Award for Mentoring Programme

NTA Awards

Facilitated Group Mentoring and Networking Events

Business to Business Peer-Group Events

  •  Interactive development for mentee’s and mentor’s to inspire them to network with their peers and access support with experts e.g. Marketing
  • Laurie Bernard

Clare Concannen in Regents University London

Regent's University London

Supporting Mentoring Projects 


University Mentoring Projects - Regent’s University London: support for new mentors and mentees, industry awareness events to attract sector mentors, networking events for alumni and collaboration with employers.

 Consultancy - working with Corporate In-House Mentoring Initiatives to improve retention and succession planning. Refreshing an existing project and adding external experience and value to a consultation group.

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David Abney: The UPS boss who rose from the bottom rung

“A key factor behind Mr Abney's success was having a good mentor, someone to guide, advise and inspire him. This was a small town UPS manager, who to this day remains a close confidant. "He saw something in me that I could not see in myself, and he took a lot of time, and gave me a lot of attention”.

 Mr Abney says. "We still talk," he adds, describing not unconditional support, but a mentor who was always there to give advice that he "needed to hear". The advice helped carry him to UPS's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, where he would go on to oversee the group's aviation division, and its fleet of 500 planes.


By Zoe Thomas BBC business reporter, Atlanta

22 August 2016



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Mentoring in Kings langley and Hertfordshire



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 Mentor - “The most important role you were never trained for” 




Leone Taylor  |   Mentor to Tom Daley